Layer Mini Pellets

Available in re-sealable 10lb bags, 20lb bags, and 40lb bags

  • Supports strong immunity
  • Supports bone, muscle, and overall health
  • B5 for great enery
  • Vitamin A for eye health


Our layer mini-pellets are 1/8” in size…perfectly sized for even your ‘pickiest’ eater. Eggland's Best Chicken Food offers a premium feed for those who want the very best for their backyard hens. Our unique blend of carefully sourced ingredients enables your chickens to live a happy life while keeping your family healthy. We even take the extra step to pasteurize all our products to further reduce the risk of harmful bacteria - allowing you to focus on the joy of raising chickens and enjoying delicious homegrown eggs.


High In Omega 3's and 15 vitamins & minerals

100% Vegetarian Feed

No Added Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics

No Added Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics

Federal regulations prohibit use of added hormones or steroids

Feeding Directions

Feed as sole ration on a free choice basis to laying hens. On average, you can expect layer hens to consume about 1/4 lb per day. Roosters can be fed the same as hens. Always provide shelter and a continuous supply of fresh, clean water. Full nutritional benefits will take effect in your chickens and their eggs after 10 days of feeding Eggland’s Best Chicken Food as their sole ration.

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